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V-Day Gifts for Your Valentine

By Branden Lee


Valentine’s Day is often a lamented holiday by singles since it reminds them they’re alone. It’s lamented by those in relationships that are annoyed they have to put in the effort to spend money and make whoever they’re dating feel special. Don’t let bitterness or being broke ruin your Valentine’s Day, especially if it’s your first one with your new significant other. Here are some packaged gift ideas for your Valentine’s Day date.


  1. Cliché Package

If you want to show your significant other you care, but not really think outside the box then just go for the basics. Get them a card, some candy, flowers, a stuffed animal, and take them out to dinner. Shows you care and doesn’t require too much thought. It is possible your partner could be turned off by your lack of originality, but any effort is better than none.


  1. Homemade Package

Trying to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day, looking for parking, and the hiked up prices obviously sounds like a nightmare. Some partners may prefer to stay home instead of going out for Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is ultimately about doing something special with the person you love. Make a home cooked meal that’s your partner’s favorite. Drink some wine or cocktails. Binge watch romantic movies, or a new show.


  1. Big Spender Package

Some people show how much they care with how much money they spend. Go all out for Valentine’s Day. Go to the most expensive restaurant in the city. Book a hotel room. Order champagne. Show your partner you care by dropping as much cash as possible. Maybe even surprise them with some expensive jewelry or an engagement ring.


  1. Vegan Package

Arrange a picnic in the park with your favorite veggies and woodland creatures singing you songs about how much you and your partner love each other. Then be one with nature rolling around in the dirt.


  1. Love Package

Whether it’s going out or staying in. Spending tons of money or none at all. All that matters is you spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love doing whatever is best for you two.

Branden Lee is a writer, filmmaker, and actor. Follow Branden on Twitter and Instagram @Brandeness.

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