Get Your Skin in Shape

By Mik Hyldebrandt


Maybe your new year’s resolution is about hitting the gym on a more regular basis, and after a sweat-dripping workout, skincare is probably not the first thing on your mind. But even with a quick shower, you can do wonders for your skin and make you look as good as you feel after a workout.


Shower (Almost) Right After

If you had a good workout, you broke a sweat. Sweat on the surface of the skin can, of course, lead to B.O. but the excess oils and grime that comes with the sweat can clog pores and create impurities. A quick shower (at the gym or at home) relatively close to your workout will remedy that.

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Wash Your Face

It is especially beneficial for your face to be cleansed after a workout. The skin on your face produces more natural oils, and on the surface of the skin they can make you look shiny, and pave the way for spots.

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Clean Your Hair (and Scalp)

A good rinse can clear sweat and dirt from your hair, but if you’ve been sweating excessively, nothing beats a good cleaning of your hair and scalp. A moisturizing but mild shampoo is best – no harsh anti-dandruff stuff here!

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Shave (If You Have Time)

Shaving after your workout is very beneficial because the skin is warm and stubble is already softened. Remember that the skin has already been hard at work sweating, so go easy and use an alcohol-free care product.

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A Light Moisturizer

Efter working out and showering the skin is still warm and open, so use a light moisturizer – like a gel or lotion – so your skin can breathe and cool down. A heavier cream would ’seal off’ the skin and retain heat and sweat.

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An antiperspirant deodorant and a touch of cologne will keep you fresh and smelling nice even after the hardest of workouts.

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