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New Ways To Bring in the New Year With Your Boyfriend

By Branden Lee


Nightlife is notoriously crowded and overpriced on New Year’s Eve. When you already have a man and aren’t desperately prowling around the club trying to find a New Year’s Kiss, is there even a point to celebrate New Years in the club? Here are some alternative ways to ring in 2018.


  1. Watch The Peach Drop

If you don’t have the budget, or patience, to make it to the infamous ball drop in NYC, Atlanta has its very own version. The Peach Drop has been an Atlanta staple for the past three decades. The location has moved from Underground Atlanta to Woodruff Park this year. You already have a boyfriend to brave the cold and be your new year’s kiss.


  1. Host A Party

A good way to avoid cover charges, long lines, and crowded clubs is to host your own New Year’s Party. Stock up on food, booze, and invite your closest friends over. Mix it up and mingle. Maybe your single friends will find their new potential paramour when you bring your friend group and your man’s friend group together.


  1. Take A Trip

Opening up the new year in the same place can be a bitter reminder of how little has changed in your life, or how many goals you set for 2017 that you failed to accomplish. Start off the new year right, bright, and somewhere new: Take a trip! New Orleans and Florida aren’t too far. Take a road trip. Get out of town with your beau, and start off celebrating 2018 somewhere you’ve never been before.


  1. Quiet Night At Home

Once you’re in a relationship, quiet nights at home with your man can feel way more fulfilling than any nights out and about. If you’re perfectly content just staying home and doing nothing with your man, then do that for New Years. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in your happy place for New Years. Especially, if that happy place is in your man’s arms.


  1. Check Out A Sex Club

Maybe trying out new kinky things with your man is one of your biggest resolutions. One way to spice things up is checking out one of the several Atlanta sex clubs. You don’t have to do things with other people. Make it a fun adventure for you and your man and try having sex in a private room in a public place.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor now living in Atlanta. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Brandeness.


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