Connect to Me, Myself and I


By Jamie Kirk 


One of the inventory items that people forget to consider when they begin to look for something or someone to believe in, is that the relationship has to start with themselves.  We have to be connected with ourselves before we can even begin to think about being connected to something else for a higher level of grounded-ness or assurance. The first step in trying to get connected to something is to do the exercise of finding out exactly what two points you are trying to connect.


For example, if you are trying to get connected to a “healthier” lifestyle, you have to connect the dots between a fitness plan and your diet.  If you are trying to get connected to having a “healthier” relationship, you have to connect the dots between what IS working and what is NOT. I don’t think it is possible to just jump in feet first and start believing in something.  When you jump in feet first into anything, without doing your due diligence; believing & connecting can quickly turn into worshiping & sacrificing. And anytime you enter something (or someone) too quickly, without verifiable data – you run the risk of resentment in our purest state.


If you want know the end, look at the beginning.  At the end of any diet, any marathon training, or any long bike ride event, there is a sense of relief.  It’s not that the training or the event is over, it’s that you stayed committed to the task at hand.  At its core, that is what connectivity is all about.  Being able to stay the course, way after your brain and sometimes your body said to give in or give up.  Connectivity has to be about the diligence to the end-state and how you will benefit from being grounded in something you believe in.


As we continually look for something to believe in, it is important that we start with the fundamental and easiest form of connectivity; the connection between our mind, body and soul. Keep in mind that we “think” we know how to get on the path of righteousness and how to be at peace, but we often forget to step back and assess if we even know the destination of which we seek.


Our fitness goals, our health goals and our interpersonal goals need to be grounded in truth. In order to achieve a higher level of connectivity, we have to be honest about where we are currently and where we are attempting to end up.  Spirituality, wholeness, oneness, consciousness, etc. are all fine and well, but they mean nothing if we are not being centered in the foundation of who we actually are. Once that piece is solved, we can quickly determine how to get to a level that satisfies the whole of our being on all levels.


Cliff notes….Connect the dots or risk wandering and suffering.

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