How To Properly Introduce Your New Boyfriend For The Holidays

By Branden Lee


No matter how confident you are or how comfortable with you are with your sexuality, it’s terrifying to introduce your first boyfriend to your friends and family for the very first time. Here are some helpful tips for breaking the ice, so your loved ones can embrace the one you love.


  1. No Surprises

At times it may feel best to avoid any preliminary hassle and objection about bringing a plus one, and just show up with whomever you’re dating. Not a good idea. First of all, it’s rude to bring an unexpected guest. The host needs to know how many place settings to set. Secondly, the more time your family has to prepare to finally see you with a boyfriend for the first time, the easier it should be. It’s scary, especially if you come from a religious, conservative, or homophobic family. But if you’re out and on good enough terms with your family to still spend the holidays with them, then they should be open-minded enough to embrace the person you’re dating. So, make sure to tell whoever is hosting the soiree; you’re bringing your significant other.


  1. Let Them Get To Know Each Other Beforehand

An amazing aspect of smartphones and modern technology is that we can video chat. Your friends and family can get to see whoever you’re with in your Facebook and Instagram posts. It’s an even bigger step if they get to chat with them via Skype or Facetime. Not that you should want your significant other chatting to your family or friends without you being present, but video chat with your family or friends while with your significant other so they can at least say hi. That way it will be less jarring when everyone comes together face to face since they’ve already heard each other’s voices and seen each other via camming.


  1. Don’t Show Up Empty Handed

Someone has to be a total scumbag to be rude to a guest bearing gifts. Make sure your significant other brings a present when meeting your loved ones for the first time. If you and your friends do Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift Exchange, get your boo in the mix as well. Even if it’s just a bottle of wine for Christmas dinner, bring something. You can even buy gifts for your parents and say it’s from your man. Anything to get them to embrace him warmly.

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