New Gay In Town: One Cheater. Two Threesomes.

by Branden Lee

I was full of guilt and regret after cheating on Zimbabwe. I knew I didn’t want to lie about what I’d done, and not confess my actions. I just didn’t know how I would tell him.

Zimbabwe and I spoke on the phone the next morning after he’d ignored me all night. I knew I wasn’t going to confess cheating over the phone. Zimbabwe agreed to come over later that day.

When Zimbabwe came over, I was ecstatic to see him, but also full of dread knowing what I’d done, and that I’d soon have to come clean. Luckily, the subject came up naturally. He said he had an inkling that I was up to no good, and I confessed. He wasn’t mad, surprisingly, though he was definitely disappointed.

He told me that every guy he’s ever dated always cheated, and he was disappointed that I was no different than the guys in his past. That hurt a lot. Zimbabwe also confessed the “friend” he was hanging out with the previous night was a random guy from Jack’d, and that the guy was obviously interested in more than friendship.

I was pissed. Even though I was the cheater, I still felt upset Zimbabwe was meeting up with random guys for “friendship” when they clearly didn’t want friendship. Zimbabwe told me he made it clear to the other guy that he was taken, and nothing transpired, but I still felt like our trust had been broken.

Zimbabwe brought up the threesome idea again. I felt guilty for cheating, and I wanted to indulge him. It had always been one of my fantasies to watch my guy with someone else, though I was skeptical if this fantasy were something I’d actually enjoy in real life, or if it was best kept a fantasy.

Zimbabwe really wanted to do anal, and I wasn’t ready. So, I let him invite some other guy over, and watched my boyfriend fuck him. I wasn’t into it at all. Thankfully, I wasn’t jealous or upset; I was just indifferent. I thought letting Zimbabwe have sex with someone else in front of me would alleviate my guilt over cheating, but it didn’t.

Zimbabwe kept trying to get me to participate, but I wasn’t into the guy at all. I stroked his chest and touched his tiny flaccid penis, but I didn’t want to do anything sexual with this guy. The guy could tell I wasn’t into him, and I guess he wasn’t into me either since he tried to lure Zimbabwe away to go home with him so that they could have a threesome with one of his friends.

Zimbabwe was immediately turned off when the guy tried to oust me from the mix, he ended things, and the guy left. I didn’t know why they suddenly stopped, but Zimbabwe told me what the guy had said about ditching me. It meant a lot to me that Zimbabwe was still loyal to me and cared for me, despite the fact I had just cheated on him. Our relationship was blemished but not broken.

Since I felt more comfortable with my man, I wanted to try to have another threesome. This time, I chose the third party, which was a guy I had been talking to before Zimbabwe. This guy was a big, DL, black muscle bear, and I was worried he and Zimbabwe wouldn’t be that into each other since they were so alike and both tops.

Weirdly, they got along really well. There were moments where I was starting to feel like the odd one out, but it was still much more enjoyable than the night before. There were also moments where Zimbabwe and I would be so into each other, and just hold each other, and say how much we loved each other, while the other guy was just sitting on the other end of the bed.

The threesome was fun. Unfortunately, I did discover the part of his personality, he warned me about was true. I was dating a sex addict.

Branden Lee is a writer, filmmaker, and actor, now living in Atlanta.

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