Digging the Dating Game

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


Sisters Leigh Isaacson and Casey Isaacson wanted to celebrate the passion and commitment of dog lovers by building a community of single dog-lovers. So, they created the Dig app, a dating app for dog-loving singles looking for other dog lovers. Peach talked to Leigh Isaacson about the original concept.


Tell us about the background for creating the DIG dating app.

A few years ago, my sister was dating a guy who tried to be a dog person for her. By the end of the relationship, he didn’t want the dog in his apartment, or he’d put towels down on the couch, so her dog didn’t touch anything. She said, ‘I wish I just knew from the start that this wasn’t going to work because of my dog.’ With our backgrounds, we knew we’d be able to design a great looking app and get the word out in a unique, cost-efficient way while addressing main points in both the booming (75 billion-dollar pet industry) as well as the growing world of niche dating apps. Our huge, dog-friendly events nationwide are exclusive for Dig users, as they provide lots of press and enthusiasm, and offer dog-companies hyperlocal means of getting in front of our dedicated and emotional dog-loving users. Here’s one statistic that really shows us how important this app is: 55% of single adults in the US are pet owners, with dogs leading the way.


Tell us a little bit about how DIG works. Do you have to own a dog, for instance?

Dig is the best way for dog lovers and dog owners to find a compatible match and plan a dog-friendly date. We’re available nationwide on the App Store and Google Play. You do not have to own a dog to use Dig; in fact, 1/3 of the people on Dig don’t own a dog (yet). They’re looking to date someone with a dog or find someone to get a dog with in the future. When you’re searching through profiles, you can “Dig,“ “Really Dig,” or “Pass” on the people you see. If you own a dog, you have a special section of your profile dedicated to them. Once you match with someone, you can open the “dog-friendly locations near you” list and suggest a first date idea right from the messaging area. You also receive daily deals from different pet companies every day – so you can show up with a unique treat and win over their dog from the start! We also offer tips and tricks from vets and trainers to make sure the date goes well and provide lots of additional advice and stories at DigDates.com/Unleashed.


Peach is an LGBTQ publication – does the DIG dating app allow for people to look for same-sex connections?

Absolutely. You can identify as a man, woman, or non-binary, and you can search for men, women, or those who identify as non-binary as well.


Besides attracting dog lovers, what do you think DIG brings to the world of dating apps?

On Dig, you’re narrowing down your search criteria and immediately interacting with people about one of the things that matters most in your world. Dogs not only give us a hint about our personality (being more compassionate, trustworthy, and responsible), but they also represent how we spend our time and our money, how we keep our home, and other important values. Our users are some of the most dedicated and emotional dog lovers and dog owners out there. They’re eager to find someone who will match their dog forward lifestyle.


Social responsibility is also a priority to our users and us. All dogs we feature in our ads and on our (@DigDates) Instagram are available for adoption. All events are also adoption events that feature local shelters and dogs that are also searching for love!


What are your hopes for the DIG dating app?

First, we cannot wait for the first Dig dog-filled wedding! We hear stories of people who are meeting through Dig, and even stories of great dates where the “dogs fell in love first.” We want to help make healthier, more compatible relationships that benefit all parties involved. We also know dogs can play an integral role in creating many types of relationships, and that’s something we’re exploring as well through Dig events and dog communities.


Anything you’d like to add?

Dig launches city-by-city with big, dog-friendly events! We recently held two events in the Atlanta area, and we are planning more across the country. Our events are free, feature adoptable dogs from local rescues, treats from local dog companies, and they are a great way to meet other dog lovers! Learn more about Dig events at DigDates.com/upcomingevents. If you’d like to host an event or help us throw one, please reach out!

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