Blurred Media’s Founder Wants You to Become A Bedroom Overachiever

By Kevin Assam


Landon joined the adult entertainment world in 2006. Around 2012-13 he founded Blurred Media LLC quickly turning it into a rising star of LGBTQ inclusive adult productions – most notably through the site HotGuysF** Adult entertainers are one thing. The brains behind the production however is another. Let’s delve into Landon’s world and see what bites.

How much do good teeth play a role in determining the longevity of one’s career in adult entertainment? They’re not news presentersjust actionable role players.
Teeth are huge for us. It’s something we request to see when we receive model pictures. Bad teeth, unfortunately, could mean the difference. In a world of internet trolls, we don’t want one of our models to feel like shit when people rip him apart.

Is it obscene to think that adult entertainment is one of the most “American” industries because it pushes the boundaries of freedom of expression and attracts viewers from almost every political and religious affiliation?
Never thought about it like that. We have customers from all walks of life. Everyone watches porn. Everyone. I think adult entertainment pushed the boundaries years ago. Now, the youth — millennials — are pushing boundaries much further than adult entertainment ever did across all media platforms.

What is driving most of these male performers to offer up their bodies to the cameras? Do you perform psych evaluations before engaging them?
The youth love to show off. This is a new era. I think the attention that comes with this is actually a positive for them. A way to increase their “followers.” We don’t perform any sort of psych evaluations. Not sure we’re qualified to do that [laughs].

You haven’t used any daddies. Aren’t they hot guys who speak to the desires of young whippersnappers chasing seasoned men?
We’ve experimented with some stuff in our [site’s] “Secret Menu” area, but nothing that’s public. Daddies are not really our brand.

What is the brand of Blurred Media? Gay? Bicurious? Capitalist?
Blurred Media LLC hires men and women who are between the ages of 18 and 29. They’re generally your gym rats or next-door type of person. I think our brands are starting to shift because there is a lot of gender bending [among] the youth who are more open.

How does an adult entertainment producer date differently? Are your dates or romantic interests more or less inclined when they learn of your job?
Great question. I need what you can’t get in the adult films. The buildup, the text messages, the conversations. I think my romantic interests vary. Tons of questions can follow, which can be very eye opening for a date. Overall, they’re positive.

How would you feel if your romantic partner was not tantalized by your professional productions?
Probably wouldn’t work out. They need to support me.

What has adult entertainment taught you about finding the right guy for a long-term relationship? Someone who will be there long after the sex aches your joints.

Sex is meant to be fun but should never be the ultimate factor in a long term relationship. I think it really goes to substance and what’s within. As a side note, when your partner says they screw and perform fellatio like a pornstar, they don’t. In fact, most pornstars don’t either. Get your skills up people!

What is one sure fire technique that would immediately get our skills up? Would you let me take notes on set?
No one is allowed on set unless they’re filming. Don’t look like you hate it. Enjoy it and be an overachiever. You can’t teach skill, it requires lots of practice. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and feelings.

Fine. I’ll film with my phone. Any suggestions on how us aspiring adult entertainers should spend our Memorial Day Weekend?
Spend it with those you love and trust! Then when you have a good team and a few drinks in you, venture out together and see what sort of debauchery you can get into.

Kevin is a middling writer but top-notch interviewer. His ideas on love and relationships are mostly fueled by his wild imagination. He often orders dessert first!


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