10 Basic-Ass Habits You Need to Drop

Keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not leads us to what’s got – to go. Now.

By Mike Fleming

Gay men have a reputation for setting trends and raising standards, and deservedly so. In some cases years before straight people, we’re rocking the looks, buying the best tech, and listening to the latest artists. There’s little doubt that many of our brethren usually have a handle on what’s next in culture and popular opinion.

Still, with great expectations come great responsibility, so listen up: Sometimes our collective interests fall short of fabulous.

We’re right so often and followed so frequently that there are bound to be a few missteps along the way in our quest for the Next Big Thing. So before we start to think everything we touch is gold, let’s look at some things gay men love too much.

Once you make room in your repertoire by letting go of these bad habits, flip to the Peach List in the back of this issue, where we also offer some replacement options that will make us – and the world around us – better off in the end.

Gym Selfies
You’re working hard. That’s great. But daily updates begging for attention? No. You aren’t working out, you’re taking pictures.

Boyfriend Twinsies
One is fun, but two is too. Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Don’t.

Fake Sports Super Fandom
True fans and real gay jocks, this is not about you. The rest of you? We get it. You’re totes masc 4 masc. Ever heard the phrase “doth protest too much”? Yeah. That.

Over-designed Underwear
You have every right to at least a couple pairs of cute underwear by big-name designers that make you look hot. But not bells, bows and strings that make your junk look redunk.

Eyebrow Torture
Taming unibrows and shaping eye caterpillars is one thing. Channeling silent screen sirens is another. If you’re not in drag, put down the tweezers and pencils.

Going Shirtless in Public
On second thought, keep doing this one. It may be all you have to offer, and the rest of us enjoy looking.

Overselling Marriage
“My husband” this. “My husband” that. “When we got married, blah blah blah.” That’s great, but some of you didn’t make a difference; you followed a trend.

Fetishizing Straight Guys
As one gay guru has reminded us time and again, we should know better. So why can’t we do better?

Long before and long after Regina told Gretchen to “Stop trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen” in Mean Girls, we’ve had sayings that won’t die. Kill this one.

Gay Everything
Have more going on in your life than your homosexuality. All your services, products and vendors don’t have to be gay.

Don’t miss 9 smart things to worry about instead in this issue.

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